Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday March 14th...20 lbs Gone!!

Gggooo me!! So last week I only lost .2 oz, which disappointed me. It didn't affect me too much, though, cuz I did gain a pound one week a few weeks ago, so losing anything is good. I just have to remind my brain of that sometimes. Back to the story...this week I didn't think I was gonna do good again, cuz it didn't "feel" like I've lost anything. So, imagine my surprise when the scale showed a 5 lb weight loss!! I was so excited. I know it will not be like that every week, and I am prepared for that. I am actually surprised that it was 5 lb; I have been doing WW for a couple of months now, so I am only expecting 1-2 lbs per week. Therefore, next week, if I get on the scale and it shows a very little weight loss to staying the same, or even gaining a few ounces, I will be okay with that. The scale is only one indication of a healthy lifestyle. I feel better about myself, and I know my body appreciates what I'm doing.

I tried on some size 16 jeans earlier, that I haven't been able to wear in quite some time. They fit! Well, let me rephrase that; they fit but I won't be wearing them any time soon. I had to lay on the bed to zip them up...LOL. However, I could wear them out somewhere without being too uncomfortable. I think I'll wait til I can wear them without having my gut hanging over them. It is encouraging, though, to know that in another 10 lbs or so, I'll be able to fit them even better. It's kinda hard right now cuz my pants are actually getting too big for me (Woo!!) but I'm not small enough yet to fit in the next size down. I need to invest in a belt, but I hate wearing might turn into a necessary evil :)

I drank a whole gallon of water yesterday! I thought I was gonna was so hard. By the last bottle, I was almost crying every time I took a drink (not really, but it was difficult). I know I need to drink that much all the time, but me and water have a love/hate relationship LOL. I was running to the bathroom every 20 minutes, or sooner, seriously! Ugh...why can't water taste good?? There was one woman who posted on the WW message boards that had drank 169 oz in one day!! Just because she liked it!! There is no way I will ever be able to drink that much.

My boss and I went to a workshop on Thursday and went out to eat at the Dixie Cafe. I was so proud of myself. I ordered grilled chicken, pinto beans, and corn (didn't eat all the corn). They brought some delicious cornbread to the table and I only ate half a piece. It was delicious and I didn't feel guilty about eating there. Next week, Charles and I are going out for our 9 year anniversary, and I am looking forward to eating out then.

Our home visit from DHS went well. The lady came, and talked for about an hour, and fingerprinted us. I told her I felt like I was on CSI...LOL. Everything is on track for us to becoming foster parents. It will prolly still be about 3 months. We have to wait at least a month for the classes to start, and the classes are 9 week weeks, so I am shooting for summer time. She said we could get a call as soon as the same day or the next day for a child to be placed with us, after they put on the list of foster parents. That is kind of exciting for us, but sad at the same time, that there are so many kids that have to be taken out of homes :( We have already started gathering up beds and other "kid" stuff that we will need.

The grocery store in the town where I work at had boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale last week, and I bought a few packs. Then, my friend, whom I work with at the preschool bought me 5 packages!! So I am now set on chicken for awhile. And I really really appreciate Tysha helping me out. She is a good friend!! I have been really aware of my sodium intake this past week. I am trying to do better on how much I have everyday. I probably still go over what I should, but definately not what I used to have. I did cheat today and eat 2 very small frozen pizzas...hehehe. It was my celebration for losing weight this week, and hitting my 20 lb mark. They are like 9 pts each, but I didn't eat breakfast, so won't set me back too much. Tonight for supper is homemade beanie weinies, and its only 3 pts a cup, so I should still be okay. I hope there good; I love beinie weinies!! Well that's all for this week. I'll be back again next week to see how it goes.

Starting weight: 233 lb
Current weight: 213.8 lb

My recipe this week is another breakfast item. This came from a website other than WW, so remember to check it yourself for accuracy.

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

10 Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 and 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup Splenda

Preheat oven to 400. Spray muffin tin with butter flavored cooking spray. Flatten each biscuit into a 4" circle. Combine Splenda and cinnamon. Dip each biscuit into the mixture. Place 4 marchmallows in the center of each biscuit. Bring edges up to form a ball. Place each in a prepared muffin cup, seam side down. Bake 8-10 minutes.

1 roll=1 pt
2 rolls=3 pts
3 rolls=4 pts
4 rolls=6 pts

I had a hard time keeping the marshmallows from melting out of the biscuits. I didn't seal them very well I guess, and I can't really figure out how to remedy that. I'll have to work on it. These are really good, though, and are a small point breakfast item. Good for on the go times, if you fix them ahead of time.


Connie B said...

Congrats on your weight loss!! Keep up the good work, you'll be in those 16's in no time! Wow, those sweet rolls sound great!

d.fine09 said...

-20 is super exciting! congrats!

I zipped up a pair of pants the next size down. I am the same as you. I caount them as fitting but there is no way I would wear them out in public yet. That didn't keep me from wearing them around the house for 30 minutes or so.

Julia said...

Congrats on the 20 lbs! It's a good feeling, isn't it?

~Holly Renee~ said...

Its a great feeling. I have lost 20lbs before, on Slim Fast, and on diet pills (2 separate occasions). This time, though, I feel more confident that I can keep the weight off.