Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday May 25, 2009....Havin Fun and Workin Hard!

Hey All!!

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day. My vacation has officially started as of last Friday. I am off work the whole summer until school starts back up in August :) Go Me!! I have a couple things planned this summer. One is coming up in a couple weeks, we are taking our youth group to Branson for 3 days, starting June 8th. I am really looking forward to it. Then, in July, my sister, her daughter (my niece), and I are going to the American Idol concert in Little Rock!! Woo! I am excited about it. Since our new Idol is from my home state of Arkansas, it makes it even better.

Okay, well, onward I go. I lost 1.2 lbs this week, which is great. Last Saturday night, we went and ate Chinese food. I only ate 1 plate of food, which is an accomplishment for me. So, I have been guzzling water all this week to get rid of all the sodium I ate. On Saturday, we went to my sister's and ate steak and watched a movie. So now I have to work on getting rid of all that food.

However, we made a new investment this week. We bought a Wii!! It is so so so much fun. I just have a few games right now, but they are very enjoyable. One game that we got is called EA Sports Active. There is one good word to explain the game: OOOWWWW!!! There is a 30 Day Challenge on there that you can choose to do. I have done Day 2 so far, and it has kicked my butt....seriously. Today is thankfully a "rest" day. My leg and butt muscles are so sore, I am walking around like Frankenstein and groaning like an old lady every time I have to get up. The workout is a really good one, though. It is a different workout everyday, so it doesn't get boring. You get to design your own person, and I made mine kinda look like me, chubby and all LOL. The trainer on the TV demonstrates all the exercises before you do them so you know what to do, and the trainer also lets you know when you aren't doing a workout correctly. I have griped at her (you can pick a male or female trainer), flipped her off (yes I did...bad me...hehehe), and called her numerous names (nothing x-rated). However, I continue doing the exercises anyway, even when I whine and say I can't do it.'s torture, but I almost like doing it. With me hurting so badly, I know its working. I realize I may not lose much weight this week, but hopefully next week will show a good loss. I have heard that when you start a new workout, the first week, you might not lose much b/c your body is getting used to the routine. I sweat like a pig and I love it. I really feel like I am accomplishing something good. I used to want a Wii Fit, but I think the Sports Active game is much more cardio-intensive. It comes with a leg strap to hold the nunchuck, and a resistance band to do some of the exercises. Thats all you need. If you have a Wii Fit board, you can use it for some of the exercises, but its not necessary. You put your weight, height, and gender it too. I guess that is where it bases your workouts from. The calories you burn are on the screen so you know how many you've burned (even though I've heard you actually burn more than it says). My 2 workouts so far have been 20 and 30 minutes, so it isn't some little namby pamby joyride. And that is where the inspiration for the title of my blog comes from today, because the Sports Active game is hard work, but its fun too!

So now I am off for the rest of the day to play the Wii :) Hope you have a grand and glorious day!!

Starting Weight: 233 lbs
Current Weight: 194.8 lbs

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