Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hhhmm...what to say....

Well, I am going to try out this blogging thing. Some of our exchange students have had one (Salla and Raz) so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It will be a work in progress cuz I don't really know what I'm doing or how long I'll write, since I get tired of things pretty quickly :)

What to write about first....hhhmm....let's was a work day for me. It was pretty sucky cuz Ms. Janet was in a pissy mood. That seems to happen alot these days the closer we get to Opening Day of the preschool. The school is slowly coming together. It looks far better than it did a week ago. Open House is tomorrow so it's pretty much go time at Southside CDC (yea, I said it...Southside!!) We be the gangsta preschool at Prescott :P

We are settling into the exchange student life once again. It's been a little rocky so far...we've had to deal with a smoking issue. And if a certain person gives Raz cigarettes ever again, I will beat said person myself. I am usually pretty forgiving, but Sunday night and Monday I was pretty hot. I don't understand why our rules were broken when everyone around us knows how we feel about certain issues and how much trouble we had with our last boy exchange student. Now, I know you can't compare one to another, and I have tried not to. We just let the problems go on so long last time and I won't do it this year. It causes too much stress. So, I realize that some of my family thinks I'm a little harsh, but I don't think so. If all you do is give them a little pat on the hand, then they are going to assume they can get away with it again. That goes for all kinds, I think, not just exchange students..but that is a blog for another day :)
Anyway, we have done okay since then. The trouble he's in is only for two weeks, so he will live.
If all we have to deal with is the smoking disturbance, then we'll be good to go for the year.
Well enough of that...even though I think I'll write my opinion on all of these folks getting exchange students thru the $1000 Company, as I call it, on another blog pretty quickly. It should fire some people up, but...yeah...I don't think I care...hehehe...I like to cause a commotion.
As I wrap up my first ever blog, I just want to say that I hope to be honest when I write. I usually write stuff better than I can talk, when it comes down to it. Maybe I'm just not very brave face-to-face, I dunno. I'm trying to figure out how many people I will let know I'm writing a blog. Of course, maybe hardly anyone will care and nobody will read it anyway. Well, Charles would, just to be nosy :D I hope to write lots of stuff on here about all kinds of things. What I write is MY feelings, so keep that in mind. If you don't like what I write...then, don't read what I write cuz this is MY blog, not yours :)
That's all for now. Kinda boring for a first one, but I'll get into it more. I have ideas on stuff to write about so stay tuned.

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railroadbubba said...

Of course im nosy and i love it when you speak your mind not really but i love you