Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Olympics...

Back again...and this time to talk about the Olympics. They are wrapping up tonite, the closing ceremonies is on NBC. I've watched quite a bit of the events this year, and they have made me quite proud to live in the good ole U.S. of A. First off...we've won the medal count. Yea yea...China beat us in gold medals, but we beat them in overall count. That may sound a little childish, but there were a lot of people saying that China was going to "sweep the medal count"...wrong!!

And of course, how could I write this without mentioning Michael Phelps? I mean...8 gold medals in one Olympics...a feat not easily accomplished. And from a man who was made fun of in school because of his looks and ADHD. Who has the last laugh now? Somehow I'm thinking that Michael will have lots of people wanting to be his "friend"...I'm also pretty sure they'll get shot down. Ha!

Michael isn't the only name I could name off. There is also: Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, the Men/Women Beach Volleyball team, the Men's basketball "redeemed team", and all the track and field people (don't know all their names), and those are just a few. The US sent over 600 athletes to the Olympics. My point is: be proud. Most of us will never meet the Olympians, but we should still have pride in them for representing our country. I was watching the Olympics a few days ago, and my niece was here and said how boring it was. I don't think granted, there are some events I don't care to watch, but the people that participate in the sports deserve a ton of respect, even the synchronized swimmers (don't try to do what they do). They give up their lives for months at a time and sleep, eat, and breathe whatever sport it is they are training for. Their families and life outside of training pays the prices, but they do it anyway, for the honor, respect, and pride they want to bring to the United States of America. How can we not feel a stirring in our hearts for these modern day Olympians?

There was even a few times during the games where I felt tears come to my eyes...I didn't cry but it definately made me feel something great. I love watching the medal ceremonies and singing the National Anthem (thank goodness no one else hears me). There were many athletes who went to the Games knowing they would not win a medal, but they go anyway to try and never give up. It should be a lesson we can all learn from.

So...what's my point, you ask? Be proud. You might think this is a corny blog, but I could care less. I'm hoping you take a little more pride in your country, even if you disagree with the politics and government things going on...forget about that for just a little bit and be proud to call yourself an American.

I was going to post some links to some of the races, from the Youtube website but Youtube can't post the actual races, and I'm too lazy to look anywhere else :) My personal favorite is the Men's Swimming 4x100m Relay match where Jason Lezak pulls off the race of the century. Have a stupendous, wondrous, glorious day!!

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ok first off if you going to have a blog you REALLY need to write in it more often. Come on last thing you wrote about was the Olympics. It is now September. Football season please post something about them "boys" so that I can comment on it. HEHEHEHE1 From the looks of the comments (0) you didnt stir up much of anything with those exchange student comments. But I will go write something there just to be argumentative. HEHEHE.