Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Again...Bout Time I Know :)

Okay, okay...I know I haven't written in sue me. I have a busy life (well, maybe I'm just being lazy). I think I am just going to ramble today...I have a couple of things I can write about.

First, football season has started (this is for you, Tysha!!) Of course, I am a Cowboys fan...I inherited my love from my husband. I don't scream and act the fool as much Charles does, and I like to pick on him when the Boys mess up, but I love them all the same. I hope they go to the Super Bowl and win the whole thing!!! And, Tom Brady being hurt...that just makes my football life worth it for the rest of the season :) I think he is pompous and full of himself...I hate it that he is hurt...well, actually not general, I hate to see people hurting, but I don't like the man, and I think it's great that the Patriots are finally getting their's. My sister and I go to our high school football games on Fridays, and when we go to those...whoo...there we do act crazy....screaming, jumping up and down...the whole nine yards. There is just something I love about the aggressiveness of football. It's so physical, and hard hitting. A place where guys can talk smack to each other and either back it up or get knocked down. There ain't nothing better to see than a "whoo hit"...and this year, we are keeping up with the Razorback alumi, such as Felix Jones as a Dallas Cowboy, Darren McFadden as an Oakland Raider, and Payton Hillis as a Denver Bronco. Charles said he wants to become a general football fan, and that's fine with me. I can watch any doesn't bother me. I try to keep up with the Houston Texans too..and I hope they do well...I don't really watch those games, but I will if I can catch one.

Next to talk about...Sarah Palin as Vice President candidate with John McCain. If you know me, you know I am a John McCain fan. Yes, yes...I am willing to get "boos" for saying that, but I don't care. I will also tell you that I voted for George W. Bush, not once, but twice (cringes and waits for the shouts and objects thrown). I don't agree with everything he has done, but his moral standards are the best. Same with McCain/Palin. And, since I am all for women in power, the idea of a female Vice President is a great thing to me. I wouldn't have voted for Hilary, b/c I didn't agree with her views, but the idea of a woman President in general sounds like a good idea. A woman Vice President/President can't be any worse for the country. Another thing I really like about Palin is her stance on abstinence. Yes, I know, her daughter is pregnant. But they are willing to face up to the consequences and not shuffle her off to an abortion clinic, which if you know me, then you are know I am majorly against. Besides, even if you teach abstinence, you can't watch your kids 24/7, especially when they get to be teenagers. Sarah Palin is a woman to be admired. I mean, she is running for VP, is governor of Alaska, has a baby to take care that has Down's Syndrome, her daughter is pregnant, and she still has time for her family. Sounds alot better than some guys I know. The media is dogging her big time...why is that? Is it b/c she is a woman, or a Republican, or maybe they think her views are too conservative. Well, I say good for her, on all accounts. God knows we need a little "conservative" in this day and age....actually a lot of conservative. Maybe that's a blog for another day..."Holly's Conservative Views" :) Anyway, to wrap us this segment, go JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN.

And let's wrap up the topic for the day...did anyone see on the news where some scientists are trying to recreate the Big Bang theory...ya know, if that is actually how the Earth formed, then there might be a cause for spending that billions of dollars, but since any sane person knows the Earth came from the Good Lord Above, then someone needs to tell said scientists that they are wasting time, energy, and money. I'm pretty sure when the final experiment takes place, God is gonna strike them dead...D E A D!! There are certain things a person shouldn't mess with and God's ways are one of them. Here is a link to the story, if you haven't seen it on the news.;_ylt=ApybkulrLEeedM8hvWik.4us0NUE

Now, I'm not an especially smart person, but any smart person knows this is WRONG!!

Well, gotta go do something with a squalling to you later :)

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Anonymous said...

ok that was WAY too much information in one blog. Perhaps you should have spaced it out some. OK BOO BOO BOOO!!! For the Cowboys. I hope they go to the super bowl too and get their A**es handed to them. HEHEHEHE! I really dont hate the boys just the owner he is a moron and after he did my man wrong I have not liked them. So if I can stand up and boo the stinky boys at their own super bowl parade I can certainly boo them here on a blog comment. Of course my team is the niners and yeah they suck big time but I am still a diehard fan and will always love them. And I will be at most if not all the High SchoolFootball games with you yelling and cheering (not as crazy as you and your sister but still) our curley wolves on. Moving on
Being african american (I think) I of course am NOT going to vote for McCain and Palin and I am NOT going to vote for Obama and whoever hes got with him. And would NEVER vote for Nader even if he was the last man standing. So I really dont know what I am going to do. This election has been so full of controversy and backbiting and backstabbing and blah blah blah. I dont feel encouraged to vote for anyone that is currently running. I am not really concerned about Palin and her pregnant daughter and abstinence and all that mess. I believe in abstinence and I dont agree with abortion but I believe that a woman has the right to chose what she wants to do ith her body or not and once we allow the government to step in and control what a woman can and cant do to her body we are crossing a line and I know that will get a big boo as well but I dont care. I have seen children who are born to parents who dont give a damn about them kids who are born only to be killed or left in a trash bin someplace. Shaken to death, thrown, and beaten. And I cant see how that is better then having an abortion. Why even bring the child in to the world only to destroy it? Anyhow thats my take on that.
Umm dont really know much about the black hole thing its dumb it will probaly be tried out anyhow because we are morons and will pour millions of dollars into useless shit that doesnt help anybody. I didnt read the article because after I finished reading this long ace blog I didnt want to read anymore and besides I knew I had to type a bunch of stuff too. I am not all that smart either but I will have to agree that it doesnt sound like one of our best ideas to date. I am sure someone will come up with something even dumber though. Just wait. Goodnight!