Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009.....I'm In Onederland!!

Hey all!

Its been a couple of weeks I know, but the week before last I was just plain lazy, and this past weekend I have been really busy.
Alrighty, so I worked hard last week, and this week it paid off. I lost 3.6 lbs, which put me below 200 lbs!!! I have lost 35 lbs total, since starting my weight loss attempt. I will confess and tell you that the week of Easter I gained .6 oz...hehehe.

So, I had to drop down 2 pts, which puts me at 24. I totally don't think this will be a problem for me, since last week I didn't eat all my points. For some reason, every time I tried to eat meat, it made me feel sick. Also, with my sinuses draining, that also makes me feel kinda sick to my stomach. Hopefully, this week will be better, but I think I will be okay with 24 pts.

My mom and sister have decided to give WW a try. I made them copies of all my stuff, and they seem to like it. My mom lost 3 lbs in about 5 days, and my sister lost 5 lbs in a week!! Go them!!

One bad side affect with Charles seems to be this: now whenever he eats a large meal, his gallbladder hurts. It has happened 3 times in the past month. Before that, it has never hurt. Everytime it hurt was when he overate: fried catfish and french fries, Easter, and yesterday at a big meal we had at church. Now, my gallbladder used to hurt me, but since starting WW, it has only hurt maybe once or twice which is great for me. I think Charles' problem is that he has lost the weight SO fast. I mean, he has lost 60 lbs in 3 months. That is ALOT of weight to lose in such a short amount of time. Now, I know that it isn't good to pig out on meals, but my personal motto is that it doesn't hurt to cut loose every now and again as long as you have the control to get back on the wagon, and we have been able to do that. I would hate for Charles never to be able to cut himself a little slack on holidays. My hope is that eventually his brain will catch up with his body, and he'll be able to eat on holidays again. We don't have insurance and if Charles has to take off work, it would devastate our finances. So...I am hoping my theory is correct.

Now, still depressing mood: I still can't fit into size 16 jeans. I mean, come on, I am under 200 lbs, and I've lost 35 lbs, but still the 16s aren't comfy. Ggrrr...its b/c my belly isn't shrinking as fast as other parts of me. I know belly fat is the last to go, but it will be really nice to fit into some smaller clothes. My current pants are too big, but 16s aren't small enough...sigh...oh well, at least the 18s are too big; thats a good thing at least.

Okay, well thats all for now. I am continuing my lazy streak this week, and not posting a recipe. I am not feeling too chirpy still (Charles' gallbladder attack last night made ME tired), and I feel a little drug out. I will continue my recipe posting next week. Sorry.

Starting Weight: 233 lbs
Current Weight: 198 lbs


Cassie said...

Congrats! Well done :) Amazing achievement. Hope your theory is correct also about your husband, he has also done so well.

~Holly Renee~ said...

Thx Cassie! :)

Connie B said...

OH CONGRATS on getting into onederland! I can hardly wait to say I'm there with ya!! Keep it up girl!

Marilyn Bowen said...

Way to next goal is to meet you under 200 pounds!!!

I know you are such a great motivator for your mom and sister. careful what you eat! My brother had to have his gall bladder listen to your body. It is saying "don't eat that!" ;-)